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at this campus used to be incredibly cheap. it used to be a public university living up to the mission statement of being for the public. now, it's becoming less about that. >> reporter: napolitano wants to make it easier for community college stewed dwroents transfer to the uc system. >> we have breaking news, four marines died in a training accident at camp pendelton in southern california this morning during a range maintenance operation. an sgags n now -- investigation is underway. >> perhaps you felt things shaking again today in san ramone. geologists say the 3.4 quake is part of a swarm of small quakes the quake hit this morning a mile northeast of san ramone followed by a 2.4 quake at 12:47 p.m . sky seven hd checked sab san ramone valley, found no visible signs of damage the quakes are not considered after shocks to yesterday's 2.9 quake. coming up at 4:55 we'll talk with experts to find out this is is something we should be concerned about. >> this is a good reminder for all of us to be prepared >>. california emergency management agency encourages you to keep emergency kits stocked w
from surgery in a san francisco burn center. laura anthony joins us live. laura? >> reporter: this is a case, he was barely visible and after the hearing his mother did speak with us she said her son is very remorseful, that he didn't realize someone could be hurt so badly. the d.a.has a very different take on it. >> i'm sorry for what happened. >> as they left the courtroom, the family of richard thomas says thomas is not a hateful person despite what charges against him might indicate. >> reporter: what kind of boy is he? >> he's a good kid very good kid. >> he was joking around. >> reporter: a junior in high school, he is charged with felony assault and mayhem. police say he lit the passenger on fire, while fleeshman was asleep on the bus monday afternoon. fleeshman wearing a skirt the victims' parents say the 18-year-old doesn't identify as male or feel yale. the district attorney released a statement quote, richard thomas violence and senseless conduct resulted in severe trauk injuries to a young, innocent victim. in the criminal complaint the officer said, quote, dur
to us. >> last few weeks we've been stuck in the red zone if i can use the football analogy. we have to find a way to get into the end zone. >> the provision would have given six weeks of paid leave each year, bart says it would have cost $44 million. >> that is remarkable. but the third party without a vote in this is the bart riders. >> abc7 spoke with them to get their view. >> dear bart let's settle this whole contract issue. we've had enough of this. >> reporter: many barlt riders don't care anymore who gets what in the contract. just that it's done. >> bart management and unions need to get their stuff together the public has been with this with two what? two bart strikes now? >> some do have an opinion about what is agreed to. >> dear bart please let the employees have family leave. they need it.. >> i think you guys just man up. >> all are incre >> i am just surprised with all of the lawyers involved and everybody negotiating you can't figure out what you're doing. >> what i really want to say is inappropriate. >> it's hard to believe they've missed it i think they probably
! wonderful. >> susan said her flight was uneventful. most passengers told us the same thing, even those who arrived from weather-challenged regions like rainy philadelphia. >> it's busy. you know, because of the holiday. other than that, we didn't have delays. you know? everything went fine. >> the spokesman says friday is the new wednesday, meaning friday has taken over as the busiest travel day of the year. today, about 120,000 passengers oochl we're prepared for the volumes we've expected to see today. it's all hands on deck type of mode all airlines and check points and airports are staffed to max. to meet follows today. >> we ran into slow traffic two and a half miles from sfo. short term parking is a breeze, but long term is tough. there is still overflow space, if arriving early as experts advise, you might want to sit down, just for a moment, and enjoy. >> thank you, carolyn. checking other airports now, storm back east caused 250 flights to be cancelled and more delayed with an average wait time of between 60-90 minutes this, is how it looked at logan airport. some passengers say t
50 feet down a cliff on the east side of highway 17. patrol tells us the car overturned, and the driver and three passengers sustained major injuries the car was badly smashed and appears to have hit a tree. three occupants had to be brought up and they sustained major injuries and rushed to two hospitals the fourth occupant received less severe injuries. rain was heavy around 1:30 nochlt other vehicle was involved. patrol says the driver appeared to have been driving too fast for conditions. >> vehicle went into a slide. coming down the hill. collided with the right concrete barrier and overturned and went to the right side for the east side of the freeway. >> what kind of a drop? 40? 50 feet? >> approximately 50 feet. >> southbound highway 17 traffic leaving san jose towards santa cruz kept open. vehicles did slow down at the accident scene. northbound traffic diverted and took a detour, it's been a slow drive for anyone towards san jose. traction means you will lose control. reopening of the northbound lanes you can see this creeping along here has been complicated by
ended at about 10:00 in thes morning and began in a nearby apartment complex where neighbors told us there was a violent confrontation between a man and woman. that spilled from an apartment out to a common lawn area. witnesses told us the man was punching and stabbing this woman. police arrived after the man ran from the apartment, into the surrounding neighborhood. officers confronted him, on highway 12 just west of pennsylvania avenue. they say the man turnd and lunged with a knife. >> at some point, the suspect turned and attacked officer was a knife the suspect was subsequently shot. the officers then rendered first aid. >> she was screaming loud like her last breath. she was in really pain. she's screaming. like someone is hurting her. >> now, the woman who had been stabbed was air lifted to a trauma center. we're told her injuries are life threatening the suspect was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds no, word yet on his 2ícondition. a for highway 12, originally the chp says it would be open at 7:00. they've revised that to 5:00. that is about an hour from now. and as
right for people to go outside again. our breaking news coverage continues now on twitter. follow us on abc7 news bay area. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. president obama's visit to the bay area. >> i need your help. >> okay. >> what i'd like to do... >> hecklers interrupting the push for immigration reform during his first stop in san francisco. >> we have live team coverage on the bay area visit and begin with abc7 news live at sfo. president obama is about to leave. leanne? >> reporter: that is right he's behind schedule. president obama arrived here from seattle, at around 10:30 this morning, greeted by california senator die bean the president greeted a number of selected people waiting for him. mr. obama wished them a happy thanksgiving. now, keep in mind 2014 mid term elections are approaching. the president is trying to raise money for the party. he will do the same in los angeles. that is next stop. one of the events take place at the home of basketball giant magic johnson. then, the president returns to washington on tuesday. before he does, of lik
tyler joins us live now from union square. >> reporter: hi, guys do you remember back in the day you'd hear someone getting a fantastic deal they bought in the parking lot in the store? they'll thaid find it was just a box of rocks? the scams moved online chlg the district attorney is trying to help you avoid that. and more. it's still calm out now. before shopping frenzy begins how about a refresher on dos and don'ts to avoid getting ripped off? >> this is really a time of the year when we see an increased number of scams going on. >> san francisco district attorney's tips to prevent being victimized include use a credit card rather than debit. and our shoppers know why. >> if anything goes wrong you have recourse to go back to your credit card company. >> that is right better fraud protection f you shop online, stick with trusted web sites oochl they have security of, you know, verification. >> you'll see https in the url. watch out for too good to be true deals and yourself. don't get distracted on your cell phone, and be aware of your surroundings. >> just use common sense. basic
's threatened to harm the child. abc7 news reporter vic lee joins us live now with that occurred. vic? >> well, larry, unfortunately, still no sign of the father and baby. abc7 news is learning more tonight about the relationship he had with the mother of the baby. it appeared to be a contentious one. the final straw may have come when the mother refused to move to new york with him. >> she's crying and crying. because she doesn't know where is he. >> stephanie ortiz and andrew roomed with the mother until recently near an apartment in helen street. she told us at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the baby's father, a 22-year-old twoent get his paycheck in a palo alto hotel where he works as a barista. he took the baby, then, ortiz says he zoned the mother. he called her and said i'm sorry. that is it. >> he disappeared with the baby. police say he sent her a text. >> he indicated if police were involved he would cause harm to himself and the child. >> the former roommates say the couple argue gued often and he threatened her constantly. >> basically, i'll take the baby and leave. i don't need you no
's okay for us. anywhere, we'll sleep anywhere, but we need food. >> there are bodies in the streets the stench is death, everywhere. >> this is just really just death, devastation everywhere. people need help. >> health officials fear disease will spread quickly. >> we have no water here. we have been collecting rain water just for the use. >> relief is underway but the process ridden with problems airport still has no radar, or working air traffic control systems planes carrying relief circle in the air space, taking turns using the runway. when the supplies final lay rief, they're stuck because roads are too damaged or flooded. rushing into this supermarket and stealing whatever they can find. >> all day donation drive at san jose state is wrapping up, but just for today volunteers collecting money and supplies for victims. several fraternities and a group organized this event. nonperishable food and supplies will be turned over to project pearls. it has an ongoing program to help the poor in the philippines monetary donations will be given to the red cross organizers say response
a lot of rain but not a serious threat. in the philippines, the u.s. is delivering food, water and generators. >> the philippine government reports 255 deaths so far but final toll could reach as high as 10,000. >> abc news reporter marcy gonzales has a look at the situation. >> reporter: communities, decimated. heavy winds, flooding and storm surges leaving nearly half a million people homeless. victims living now among debris and remains of some of the presumed thousands of people who were killed. >> dead bodies all over the place. >> reporter: help is on the way. for many, not fast enough. donations are being collected across the u.s., and in the philippines, the un, red cross and u.s. marines are among those working to get necessities to victims in need of food, water and shelter. >> hungry, i'm thirsty. if you have water or food there, maybe you can give us. >> reporter: victims gathering at the battered airport. a hub for aid and rescue efforts. where, despite a shortage of supplies, doctors are operating a makeshift hospital, trying to save injured, the survivors who
of the riddler. u.s. attorney thanks bad kid writing we've been chasing them for u i'm about to give up hope, bat kid saves the day >> even the president got involved. that is how big this was. part of this is covered live on cnn. miles is the president encouraged people to follow miles with hash tash sf bat kid. >> take a look at this video captured by sky seven hd. a plane towing a banner says wishes do come true. hash tag, sf bat kid. that banner could be seen across downtown san francisco. bat kid went on a crime-fighting adventure. >> bat kid captivated the city's imagination and made us all feel like kids. wayne freedman tweeted out this photo. they came out in thousands today. they made it so special. >> for the south bay now, san jose police officer on a motorcycle injured today during a collision with a car. this accident took place near corner of 4th and empire streets. investigators released few details but collision happened while the officer was on this hatch back. this week, they reminded drivers to move to the right. >> just drive cautiously. slow down. move carefully to the right.
for safety anywhere including roof tops. meanwhile, on the ground people used any means imaginable to save the elderly from the rising flood water. filipinos said the storm's surge of water was as high as trees. typhoon haiyan is described as a category 4 hurricane in the united states. wind gusts were more than 170 miles an hour. the mayor of the city just south said the rescue effort was overwhelming. we have so many dead people. >> reporter: even as the recovery begins in the philippines, vietnam braced for the storm by evacuating hundreds of thousands and stacking sand bags against the expected onslaught. gloria rivera, abc news, manila. >>> and you're looking at nasa images of the storm taken by a nasa satellite today. the million people who lived along the coast of the philippines may have been the hardest hit by what some said was a five-foot storm surge that spread through the city at the height of the storm and with a devastating speed. >>> let's get an update on the path of the storm. let's take a look at what we can. the current path of the typhoon has passed the philippines now
reporter laura anthony is live with the story for us. laura? >> reporter: apparently major league baseball felt it's time to exert pressure on both sides, something eliciting a rare commitment to oakland. at least in the short term, for managing partner lou wolf. >> they're looking at options. >> reporter: coliseum authority commissioner confirms major league baseball has suggested the a's might play at at and t park. if a lease deal doesn't get done, soon. dobins says it's unlikely an a's move would happen. >> we're confident we're going to get the lease done so we're never going have to use that possibility going across the bay to san francisco. >> despite the pledge to permanently move the team, a's owner lou wolf expressed optimism. a short-term lease deal would be sdun soon the a's release this statement, we intend to extend our lease and look forward to another great season. die-hard fans have split opinions on whether staying green and gold would be okay. >> i would be actually okay with it. just because i love at and t park. i love how beautiful it is in there. >> i've been at the
released a sketch, hang with us just a moment. we have a sketch to show you of a rapist this, is from that case of de college. >> the victim told police she's not friends with the attacker but believes he goes by the name john yeechl the victim may have been targeted because of her identification as pan sexual, a term used to describe someone attracted to people of all genders and sexual orientations. >> we'll try to have the sketch at 5:00. >> officials are looking into a disturbing incident in a school caught here on cell phone video. officials say three sophomore girls got into a fight yesterday with a transgender teen who identifies as female. school officials say the transgender student started the physical fight but only after she was verbally harassed about her gender identity the transgender student complained about being bullied just two days ago. administrators are hoping talking about this will lead to greater tollerance on campus.. >> i hope bullying will be addressed more carefully and closely in our districts and states and hopefully, the nation. >> all four students fac
morning and all of this is going to shift towards the east. sit a big travel week ahead of us and looks like we are going to find numerous slow downs across the country, ama? >> thank you. >>> developing news from the north bay where winds and dry conditions spread a massive fire in sa say know ma -- two plants have been knocked offline and the fire burned the cooler tower at a cale pine corporation plant. it's been evacuated, nobody was hurt. >>> the fire started yesterday morning just north of geyserville, firefighters have it 25% contained. >>> now to a massive cleanup efforts. crews are busy removing trees that fell during thursday's windstorm. cornell bernard is live in oakland where the cleanup continues. >> alma, if there is any doubt how intense the storm was this week, windstorm was this week, look at the toppled tree. it is attracting quite a lot of attention and why not? it's just an incredible site. the tree base alone, 35 feet around, plenty more that are still being cleaned up today. >> this giant toppled tree has become an attraction for anybody with a camera on like meri
with us on twitter. >> students at baybeck high school wore skirts today in honor of a student lit on fire. faculty and staff are joining in wear a skirt for sasha day. he was wearing a skirt monday night, investigators say a 16-year-old richard thomas lit that skirt on fire. police say he did said he did it because he's homophobic. >> everyone is upset. sasha's closest friends are upset. but it's obviously something we've never had to deal with before. it's pretty bizarre. >> fleeshman is recovering in a can fran burn center. thomas is a student at oakland high school, today, students there tied ribbons along bus stop poles to show support. >> details about the mysterious google barge docked at treasure island. documents reveal it will feature giant sails and move around from port to port. abc7 news reporterly lillian kim is live. >> reporter: this is an ah-ha moment. >> they went to check out the google charge, and they're excited after seeing artist renderings. >> it's going to have wings on it. >> like sail boats in the sea. right? >> reporter: relative humidities say when done, the
the horrible statistics now you can do something about it. you can give us a call. we have red cross volunteers here on the seven on your side hot line office. they're taking your calls so you can help people in the philippines. we've got celebrity phone answerers here right now. cheryl, sandhya here the station has been working on this. since before today. we're going to be here until 11:35 tonight. now, we need your help, the number is on the screen. how important is this? >> this is important we get money to the people in the philippines. philippine has volunteers but need money to get food, medicine water where it needs to be. >> so this time rather than people from here go through tl you've got people in place? >> yes the philippine red cross is an amazing organization. they deal with typhoons on a regular basis. but what they need are supplies best thing we can provide is money so they can buy it in the country, and stimulate the local economy, and help the people. >> here, give the phone number real quick. >> we're going to be here until 11:35 tonight. 415-954-7621. >> one call with
there is no threat to other employees or neighbors arrow jet builds rocket motors used to move craft in space. >> still ahead at 4:00 reaction from tesla's ceo. the governor opens an investigation into the company's model s fires. >> why 49ers safety daunte whitner is dropping plans to change his name. >> also another live look at live doppler seven hd. you can see light to moderate rain currently hitting the bay area. the accu-weather forecast is coming up next. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook, will answer them here live, a little later. you can contact him on twitter. >> you can see the roads are pretty slick. very, very slow for those folks on the lefthand side heading to lower deck of the bay bridge. going towards east bay, better for folks heading towards 101 south. back >>> diane disney miller, daughter of walt disney passed away. miller lived in napa and san francisco since 1980s she was a co-founder of the disney family museum and spear headed developments of the walt disney concert hall in los angeles. disney is the parent company of abc7. she's surviv
same thing, they're lined up outside a toys "r" us store. the doi doors there are going to open at 5:00. heather will have a live report at 5:00. >> it's a lot safer in here. >> i don't know if it's really dangerous, but there's a lot of determined people that want their big items. >> they want their stuff. it's dry out there. spencer now taking a look at the holiday forecast. >> it's pleasant. what a thanksgiving day. feels almost like a memorial weather day. here's live doppler 7 hd. just a few high, thin clouds. current temperature readings as we look live over san francisco, 66 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the upper 60s. san jose, los gatos, 61 at half moon bay. how about this view of the bay and the blue sky above from our camera. it's 68 at santa rosa. 68 at fairfield. upper 60s at concord and livermore and a live view shows high clouds and blue sky. this is our first forecast this evening. mostly clear and mild in the earl lly evening hours. it will turn cooler overnight, so tomorrow morning, we'll see bright, sunny skies reaching from upper 30s in the north to the abou
on twitter. you can follow us on abc7 news bay area. >> homes in foster city evacuated after a gas line broke. ro this was reported just after noon near edge water park. neighbors smelled natural gas evacuations were precaution nary. works to get it fixed, >> firefighters arrived in a fire into the attic of this building the cause is under investigation. >> a group of truck drivers in the port of oakland walked off the job today. sky seven hd was over the port this morning when members of the port of oakland trucker association picketed in front of one of the terminals they're demanding better way, shorter wait times, more time to comply with new rules requiring older trucks in state to be replaced or undergo expensive modifications. >> i'm paying about $2600 a month just to be able to come to work. that is what people pay rent, that live in their homes monthly. it's what very to pay to come to work to try to take home something. >> the association represents 25% of the truckers at the port. the port of oakland says they've been holding talks to find a resolution. >> tomorrow is the big deadl
hitting little shots down the field, said i'm going to blitz and not sit back and let them pick us apart. isaiah lewis, safety blitz. >> sean: third down and five. allen, another catch at the 20. he extends the drive. give nebraska credit. once again this week, fighting till the end. they had the dramatics the last two weeks. too much of a hole today. so here are the up-to-date standings. minnesota off this week, having a remarkable season. the gophers. to make that game for everything in the legends division on november 30th in east lansing, they need northwestern to win in chicago next week. michigan state has used its last time-out. you think the defense and those stats don't mean something? they have just about all the startes out there in a 20-point game in the final minute of the game. they don't want on to let nebraska into that end zone again. >> chris: they work hard to get those numbers. >> sean: ultimately, this was the game. give nebraska credit. they kept fighting back. time and time again. but five turnovers, the other team doesn't commit any, especially against a team this
, yes, but out that have tragedy an opportunity granted to us the chance to learn how to face the future when it's a darkest. >> he was ambitious to make it a better world. and so were we. >>> a plaque was placed in the plaza with quotes from the speech he was set to give that day. visitors gathered at arlington national ceremony and in boston, singer james taylor performed in a private concert at jfk library. many americans who were alive in 1963 remember where they were when lee harvey oswald fired the fatal shots at the motorcade. >> the president was hit in the head. >> 50 years later there are new memories honoring the iconic president slain on that november day. >> the events here mark one of the darkest days in american history, many are choosing to remember the tragedy as the day america uniteed and moved forward to a brighter future. >>> there was a moment of silence to remember president kennedy during a special ceremony in pleasant hill. the school also unveiled a bust of mr. kennedy identical to the one at the smithsonian. david wallace was at the ceremony 50 years ago. he wa
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23